Guyank Brand Home of The "Original Sweet-HOT Pepper Sauce"



Question: What happens when North America and South America collide?


         You encounter The GYB experience of The Unbelievable Spicy kind, resulting in the birth of

 GUYANK BRAND; Home of "The Original Sweet-HOT Pepper Sauce".


           Our sauce is Tasty Hot as a result of a thirteen-year chemical reaction gone good between

a Guyanese Woman and a Yankee Man; OH YEAH!!! Sweet! HOT! OUCH!!


  Yeah Mon!, after placing 3rd in the Scovie Awards; Amateur Division in the Hot Sauce category for

the year 2003, we're "Fired-Up" about going Pro.

    In 2005 we won our second Scovie Award in the Unique category in the Professional Division in a competition field of over 600 entries; Amazing! 

           Our Hot sauce uses the Finest 100% All Natural ingredients available to man through GOD's grace.

 This product is a blessing to any gourmet shelf or dining table the world over.


    Try it On! Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Rice dishes, Greens, Beans, Ice Cream, Corn Flakes

   Enjoy it in ! Soups, Salads, Broths, as it marinates for the Best Bone Sucking Mouth Watering Lip Liking Hot Wings on the Planet! ,Omelet;   What ever you desire it on.

                      Guyank Brand is The Alpha and The Omega of Hot Pepper Sauce.

           Ask your Grocer," Where is my Guyank Brand Sweet -HOT?


                                                          We at Guyank Brand,LLC 
                                                                     Thank You !










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